Exploring Recovery Through Art

C & K Recovery & Wellbeing College

August 6, 2020

During June and July 12 of our college learners took part in our first ‘blended learning’ course. Blended learning for this course combined a mixture of a printed workbook, art materials pack, discussion and support on a weekly MS Teams meeting and a closed Facebook group where learners could ask questions and post pictures. The course was funded by Calderdale Adult Learning.

The tutors Sarah O’Boyle and Sara Rose did an amazing job producing the workbook and facilitating the MS Teams meetings / Facebook page.

It was a really fun collaboration and we had many planning and development meetings which were always a flurry of creative ideas and giggles.

Our learners have produced the most beautiful and personal leaf sculptures documenting their own recovery journey that will be added to a large willow tree to finalise project. The tree will be sited eventually at the Calderdale site but you may see it in our Kirklees building before then.

The feedback from our learners was really positive and we hope to use this blended approach for more courses in the future. It allowed learners to work independently using the workbook and materials or tap into tutor and peer support on the MS Team call or through Facebook. Some learners also used email to send us photos of their work and ask questions.

Being creative during this period of change has helped lots of people keep a positive state of health and wellbeing. Allowing art and creativity to be an outlet for worries, stress or just an escape from day to day life for a while can really help us stay well.

Check out our New Crafty Crew Facebook group in C& K Recovery & Wellbeing College


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