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Michael, Volunteer

September 7, 2020

One of our long standing volunteers, Michael has kindly shared with us how he has been keeping himself busy during lockdown…

“In the week before lockdown we, as a family decided to self-isolate due to our age and various health problems. During the next week I started to cut the grass (you can’t call it a lawn at our house!)  While doing so, I thought about starting to grow vegetables. I knew that our soil in the garden was not very good or deep, so the only choice would be to create raised plots on part of the grass area. Over the following weeks I researched my options as well as how to obtain the timber to make them – and the soil to fill them.  The latter was not an easy task but I eventually managed to find a company that would deliver soil in 25 litre bags, making it easier to move.  Next was to decide what to grow and order some seeds.  I decided on potatoes, carrots, cabbage, beans, lettuce and a few herbs for starters, although getting hold of the seeds online has also been a challenge!

It took me a good few hours over a Friday and Saturday to get everything unloaded, to position the raised beds and everything raked and ready.  My daughter, Sarah offered to help and I was so grateful! Sunday was a day of rest but the seed potatoes arrived so I left them out to warm up in the sun. On Monday I planted the potatoes and filled one frame, although they are not spaced as wide as the recommendation, but I plan to lift them before they get to full size so it should be okay. Now just to wait 8 weeks before they are ready to eat and for my other seeds to arrive!”


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