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Getting more active

Ladies – do you need to find ways to get a bit more active? Has exercising become more difficult for you due to illness or disability? Do you want to work off some festive excess after the holidays?! If so, why not come along to one (or more!) of our fun and gentle (and Covid-safe) workout sessions run by our partners at S2R? Each session will provide you with some simple exercises to get you moving while having a laugh with other women!

Each date is a separate bookable session so take a look and see which would be perfect for you:

11/1/22 –

Gentle Chair Exercise

Set to relaxing and calming music, this is a seated exercise class based on middle eastern dance. In this session you will learn moves to help move and stretch all parts of your body while you remain seated. These movements are especially good for manipulating your spine and you’ll feel like you’re giving yourself a lovely back massage! If you have restricted movement then this class is a safe and fun way to get more active.

18/1/22 –

Lower Energy World Dance

In this session you will combine gentle stretching and movement with more active seated or unseated dance (depending on how you feel). We will be using props such as tambourines and maracas to try out fun routines to World music. Come along, have some fun and learn some gentle moves from a range of world dances such as Romany, flamenco, and belly-dance!

25/1/22 –

Active World Dance

Come and try some fun and simple world dance routines using props such as castanets, fan veils, tambourines and more! Learn some moves from dances around the world such as Hula, Salsa, and Romany dance, set to energising World music. In this session you’ll benefit from dance-based aerobic exercise and you can take part even if you experience disability or illness.

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At Kirklees Recovery College

Start dates and time

Term Tuesday11 January 20221.15pm - 2.30pm 1 weeks
Term Tuesday18 January 20221.15pm - 2.30pm1 weeks
Term Tuesday25 January 20221.15pm - 2.30pm1 weeks


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How do I enrol?

You are not referred to the Recovery College, you can simply enrol yourself, or on behalf of someone for any of our courses that may be of interest to you. Our courses are open to all adults and we welcome carers, supporters and professionals too.

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