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Exploring Recovery Through Art:

This 7 week course aims to explore your Recovery journey and translate it into small sculptural pieces to be displayed once the Recovery & Wellbeing College is back open.

As part of the course you will receive a full craft pack containing all the materials you will need, colourful and detailed instructions for each session as well as optional discussion sessions using Microsoft Teams to help you through the practical elements.

We want you to feel part of a team as your work alongside other learners participating in the course. You and the project tutors will all come together in the collaborative finished piece, highlighting how we can stay connected even during periods of isolation.

We will use a closed Facebook group to keep in touch, give you the platform to ask questions and post photos of the sessions and your work as you produce it. It will be important to interact with other project members and the tutors as we complete this personal and shared experience artwork. There will also be discussion sessions on Microsoft Teams to support each session (Timetable in the learner handbook).

We have chosen a tree as the final sculpture as trees are often used to illustrate the journey of life and as an image of resilience, continuing to grow in the face of adversity.

Your sculptural leaves will be the final elements added to the display.

We hope you have fun and learn new skills during this course, and we hope you can join us.

if you are already enrolled with the college please email ckrecovery.wellbeing@swyt.nhs.uk

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Term Tuesday3 November 202013.007 weeks

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