About us

Calderdale and Kirklees Recovery and Wellbeing College

Our mission:

We help people reach their potential and live well in their community

Our values and principles:

  • We are inclusive and open to all
  • Coproduction, co-facilitation and co-learning lie at the heart of our work
  • We are recovery-focused and strengths based
  • We are progressive and actively support learners to achieve their own identified goals and explore possibilities outside services
  • We integrate with our community and with mental health services and form a bridge between the two


What is Calderdale and Kirklees Recovery & Wellbeing College?

The Recovery & Wellbeing College is led by South West Yorkshire Partnership Trust and supported by Calderdale and Kirklees Councils. We work in partnership with volunteers and other supporting organisations to develop and run a range of workshops and courses which promote wellbeing and good mental health.

Who is the Recovery College for?

Adults who want to improve their own wellbeing and/or the health and wellbeing of someone they care for or support. We focus on learning, building people’s skills and knowledge. We don’t provide therapy or clinical interventions.

Our sessions have been designed and are run by people with experience of mental health conditions and professionals who work with them.

The College is based on the principles of hope, control and personal responsibility. We believe that it is possible to regain a meaningful life, despite having a mental or physical health-limiting illness or disability.

What do we mean by Recovery?

Recovery means different things for different people and there is no single definition.

Recovery does not always refer to the process of complete recovery from a mental or physical health condition. It is about recovering a life worth living and regaining those things that may have been lost due to mental or physical illness and/or disability. These would include social confidence, purpose and meaning and life opportunities through to education and employment. Our courses reflect this.

College life

Our College is not somewhere to obtain qualifications but to learn to stay well and be well. We focus on personal development, wellbeing and recovery. It is a place to shine, blossom and grow. We will help you develop wellness tools and support courses that help you move your life forward in the best way for you. This may include help with managing emotions, getting physically more active, or becoming used to being around others or simply being creative. The choice is yours.

We provide the opportunity to explore personal strengths and talents in a relaxed and safe environment. We introduce learners to a wider network of people and organisations that will benefit their wellbeing and recovery.

We are also developing a library of resources around self-help, care and wellbeing. We have changed the way we work during the pandemic please see our courses section.

Where is the College?

The College has two main bases or hubs; in Halifax at Hope Street Resource Centre, and the other in Kirklees at Pathways in Mirfield. Working with partner organisations and community groups we plan to increasingly offer workshops and courses in different venues across Calderdale and Kirklees to save you travelling.

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