9 Lives by Isma Kelly, Learner

C & K Recovery & Wellbeing College

February 22, 2021

9 Lives by Isma Kelly, Learner


Looking for shelter from the Egyptian sun

A shabby hungry cat wishes life was done

As sleep descends on him the light starts to fade

He awakes to find himself on a step in the shade


The red blazing sun is louder and hotter

He is weak and in search of tranquil water

Once again sleepy he makes another wish

He awakes on the next step by a water filled dish


He remembers the scar on his face and the pain

He rests on the limestone and starts to feel faint

He kindly asks the universe for some relief

He makes another wish for the pain to be brief

He awakes on the fourth step with a shiny new coat

Surrounded by new friends he begins to hope


He looks to the moon as it rises above

He makes another wish but this time for love

The dust clears and appears the Goddess Bastet

Fallen in love with anything said


He sits and ponders on the sandy edge

But something is missing maybe it’s knowledge

Suddenly he is awake, and his senses heightened

The universe commands and he is enlightened


The sun, the moon, the sky and stone

Have all conspired and helped to atone

As the shabby cat reaches the top

Of the pyramid with its desert drop


His final wish, his final prep

The last of his nine lives – the final step

He becomes I and I stand tall

With friends, family and love but above all

Knowledge of my own strength, my unlimited power

A golden Sphinx cat stood on top of his tower

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