A to Z of Corona Virus

C & K Recovery & Wellbeing College

January 14, 2021

“One of our volunteers, Molly has been working on this for a little while and has kindly shared it with us

A is for asymptomatic – you don’t know you’ve got it, so please beware

Keep yourself well, keep yourself safe, don’t make folk think you do not care.

B is for baking bread and scones and cakes and buns, tasty and delicious food

That fills our bellies, makes us smile and helps, a bit, to elevate our mood.

C is for curve, a very big arc, a line to be flattened as straight as a die

Which scientists work on for many a month to answer the question ‘Why?’

D is for distance to keep far apart, when walking and talking, not giving a hug.

We cross roads to avoid the people we see – smile, nod and give a small shrug.

E is for education it’s all done at home on Microsoft Teams and also on Zoom.

We hope that our children will soon find a way forward to blossom and bloom.

F is for furlough that’s given to all who can’t go to work but need a small fund

To pay the bills, to buy the food, and hope above all they won’t be shunned.

G is for gin, a miraculous tonic, in flavours galore, drunk with ice and a slice.

It makes us feel good, makes us feel happy, it makes us feel jolly to be precise.

H is for hugging a contact we miss, cuddling and touching the people we love.

One day we all hope we’ll hear “HUG EACH OTHER” calls a voice from above.

I is for isolation, feeling alone, being alone, keep to yourself just to stay well.

Locked in our houses, our rooms and our minds – “Let me out” people yell!

J is for juggling the things that we do, sharing and caring and blowing a fuse.

We try to avoid what others are doing and aim to keep sane to avoid the blues.

K is for kindness a beautiful thing that so many people have shown every day

We see it in actions, in words and much more, long may it last is what we pray.

L is for lockdown the dreaded deed the government imposes to keep us alive.

Stay in your homes, wash your hands, wear your mask and you will thrive.

M is for masks to cover your face, to hide who you are but to keep you safe.

They vary in colour, in pattern and texture, we only hope they do not chafe.

N is for National Health Service, the absolute best, which we have to preserve

The NHS is for us, the staff give their all in every way to the people they serve.

O is for Oxford Astra-Zeneca, a vaccine, a wondrous cure, the stakes are high

The race is on, two jabs is all it takes the doctors insist and we all sigh.

P is for pandemic which holds the world to ransom and stops us in our tracks

And every single one of us will have to fight the fearsome virus as it attacks.

Q is for quarantine, to hide away for twelve and fourteen days at least,

To heal our bodies and we can plan with our friends, glorious and mighty feast.

R is for rainbow, seven brilliant colours every one symbolising love and hope

With messages, pictures, notes and songs saying we can really cope.

S is for SAGE the wise scientists we’re told to trust in all they do and say.

They speak to us at every opportunity and weave a spell to make us obey.

T is for Tik-Tok a wacky platform persuading us to jive and jig and sing out loud

It makes us laugh until we cry, then we press ‘Like’ to show we’re proud.

U is for Union, of Europe we’re not, but still united we have to stand

In order to beat this virus so cruel, to prove to ourselves that we can be grand.

V is for vaccine, a medical saviour that everyone needs to ensure life goes on

The race has begun across the whole world, nobody wants this to be a big con.

W is for Working from home, a brand and new concept that works not for all.

Children and pets scramble about and we stumble blindly trying not to bawl.

X is for eXit from Europe and safety, moving towards a world we don’t know

Brexit has caused us all to divide, but now we must bond, not go with the flow

Y is for yoga, meditation and wellness to help us recover, find a way through

This almighty disaster and gain for us all, a semblance of peace, it is our due.

Z is for Zoom, a very big coup, uniting the world to keep us connected

With family and friends showing love is the thing that keeps us protected.

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