Bittersweet – the lifting of restrictions


April 22, 2021

Ah, the lockdown restrictions are being removed bit by bit and everyone is happy to get back to normal.

Well, maybe not everyone.

The pandemic has been awful, that goes without saying, but for those with anxiety issues (like me) some of the lockdown rules have been…um…nice? Okay, maybe nice isn’t the right word but it’s definitely given me some comfort that I’ve had a year of not worrying about social situations or going to appointments in unfamiliar places.

A lot of people with mental health struggles deal with an inner monologue of anxious chatter almost daily. Varying from fear of judgement to a plethora of ‘what if’ scenarios, the common thread is usually the looming unknown.

Personally I have found respite in the lockdown rules. I have an inbuilt reason to stay at home, a blanket excuse for any and all new interactions I can’t handle.

For over a year I haven’t had to build ‘buffers’(days either side of an event to adjust/recover) into my week, not had to panic that I was running late or cancel something as I couldn’t face going out.

I find the easing of the tiers, and the associated rules, to be bittersweet.

While I want to be able to drive to Bridlington for a day by the sea, or go into Hobbycraft for a peruse, I also want to retain the odd feeling of freedom I have discovered in virtual meetings and ad hoc productivity.

So even if it feels like everyone is rushing to blot out the last 12 or so months, I’d like to take a second to remember some of the lessons learned and carry them forward.

I wonder if anyone feels the same?


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