Discover 2020: Pandemic Stories – Sara

Discovery 2020 - Pandemic Stories

March 22, 2021


The first lockdown takes its toll on Sara’s mental health

2020 will be a year forever remembered for a Pandemic that changed the world, that challenged the mental health and wellbeing of us all.  This terrible virus caused our country to be placed in lockdown and life as we knew it came to a stop.  The Discover 2020 project has recorded personal stories of those who experience mental health distress, living in lockdown to create an archive of experience for future generations.  Being able to see life through their eyes, means we can learn from these personal stories to shape and improve mental health services in the future.


After 16 weeks of living with the pandemic, Sara talks to Michael about the benefits of volunteering in lockdown, delivering an online course for the Recovery College.

Interview: Sara 3 mins

Sara: Full interview 12 mins


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