Empowerment and Encouragement


October 7, 2021

We all know that this global pandemic has taken us all unawares and the stark reality of dealing with the virus has meant changes to our normal way of life. With mental health services under pressure and a reduction in on the ground support for people in and around our local communities, it has made some aspects of life a lot harder.

Personally, I have found myself embracing more of an appreciation for the things which we would often take for granted such as going out for a walk, meeting with others, mindful colouring and anti-stress dot to dot exercises. It has been a tough ordeal for everyone and I know that with my rather conservative attitude, accepting change has been difficult and quite daunting, doing things in ways we did not do before.

However, we must continue to encourage and inspire others during an unprecedented state of circumstances such as these. I for one, am extremely grateful for everything that the Recovery College has done to help me plus, help and support it offers to others with their health and wellbeing. I am sure there will be plenty more courses and projects down the pipeline where we can get involved and make the best of things as we come through the other side.

Let us move forward together in this spirit and look ahead to a brighter future, one where we can all play our part in making a better, happier and healthier society.

Best wishes,


Recovery & Wellbeing College volunteer

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