I am grateful…


July 26, 2023

We recently met with one of our new learners, Sarah and she bravely shared with us her recovery journey and the things she is grateful for….

In 2021, I was working full-time, in excellent health and living on my own in Huddersfield, but sixteen months ago, I had a stroke and my life changed.  I can’t remember much about those early days in hospital or returning home, but I do remember lots of visits from Physiotherapists and other medical staff.  I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t communicate and had limited mobility in my upper body.

The twelve months after my stroke was a year of hell.  It was horrendous.  I had suicidal thoughts and constantly asked myself ‘what’s the point?’  However, despite the pain I kept up with the physio exercises and took all my newly prescribed medication and, with the help and support of my loving family, slowly things began to improve.

Things still weren’t easy, and I had to move from my home to a new property in Mirfield.  This is better suited to my needs and is also closer to one of my children, but I didn’t have any friends in the area or anything to do.  My sister heard about the Recovery & Wellbeing College and urged me to enrol, but I didn’t dare ring up. I felt anxious. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to face people or if they would be able to understand me, but eventually I plucked up the courage and called, and I am so glad I did!  I wish I could come here every day, that’s how great it makes me feel. It’s full of beautiful people who are kind and caring, and it’s amazing how it helps you change your thoughts and mindset.

While I still struggle with pain, low mood and can’t always formulate my thoughts into words, I really am very grateful.  I am grateful to be alive.  I am grateful for my family.  I am grateful for my faith in God.  And I am grateful for the Recovery College.

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