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C & K Recovery & Wellbeing College

September 9, 2020

Learning from and supporting each other are some of the key principles at the Recovery College which I witness daily in various ways.  Although our doors are temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, this support and learning continues, as one of our newest volunteers, Daniel explains…

“I think we can all agree that life has changed for every one of us in recent times, perhaps in ways we did not foresee or expect. The current situation has undoubtedly had an impact on us all and has maybe put a dampener on our hopes and expectations for 2020.

I just wanted to reach out and say that we can get through this together with positivity, optimism and energy. Unlike the current global pandemic crisis, which threatens to overwhelm and drown us with fear,  our hopeful approach will instead, help us overcome the hurdles we are facing and refocus our minds on what we want to achieve in life.

For those of you who attend the Recovery College or other Health & Wellbeing venues, it is important not to lose perspective on all the goals that you have set yourself and the progress and achievements you have already made. As this pause on everyday life continues, it is easy to lose sight of where you felt you were, what you were doing and where you aspire to be. You may think “if only I had a compass to see if I am still going the right way, if only I had a graph to see how far I have come.”  Well, nevertheless you are still moving forward and you should remember that you never stopped doing so. Whether you started your learner journey recently or some time ago, don’t forget the reason you started and where you are heading.  The finishing line does still exist for every one of us, whatever our journey entails.

Speaking for myself, it has been very helpful to engage in the online materials provided by our wonderful team at the R.C who have really stepped up in ensuring we all have access to wellness tools, information and activities to keep us on our toes in every aspect.  I hope you have been encouraged and motivated to make use of these and feel hopeful about continuing your learning and development.

I hope we will be reunited very soon and able to continue our progression together.  I’m sure we all look forward to seeing each other again along with the smiles, conversations and laughter.  Until then, let’s remember that we can only grow stronger from those things in life which challenge us. Therefore do not lose hope but be renewed every day as you seek to better yourself… now and in times to come.”




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