C & K Recovery & Wellbeing College

September 7, 2020

One of our volunteers, Carrie has shared with us how she has been fairing during the early weeks of lockdown….

“This week has been a tough one and in these strange times I am really missing my family, however I have to concentrate on the here and now and what I have with me today.  I have two little dogs, a Lhasa Apso called Kiwi and a Yorkshire Terror (yes, I did mean terror) called Jax and these two definitely help my wellbeing.  They make me do stuff when I don’t want to, they gang up on me at walk time and use manipulation and cuteness to break my low mood.  Sometimes I think they’re the ones caring for me! They need everything I need, food, water, exercise as well as communication, playfulness, cuddles and lots of love.

They have supported me through some bad times. Yesterday, I felt a panic attack coming on, so I went and laid on my bed, put on a natural guided meditation and started breathing, then Kiwi came up and curled up between my knees and Jax snuggled into my neck and we meditated together.  When the meditation ended, they were ready for a play and so was I.”



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