Stillness – Nature is a Teacher


December 15, 2021

Ben, RWC Volunteer and facilitator of ‘Quiet the Mind’ has been talking to us recently about the benefits of meditating in nature.  This is what he had to say…

“In meditation you can find your own inner-stillness; it is a way to find peace, balance and unity with life.  I find the experience is enhanced when meditating outside.  Heading out every day to my local park to meditate gives me a purpose, it gets me away from those same four walls and into an environment where everything is in perfect harmony.  In nature, I am able to get some head space.

The trees, the grass, the rocks are simply in a state of being and I just have to sit and be too.  This gives me a feeling of comfort.  A place where I don’t feel stressed or worry about my problems.  Being in nature brings everything back to the way it should be and the acceptance of who I am, which really helps me manage my own mental health.”

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