Is work good for anything other than earning a wage?

Mirfield Community Centre, Water Royd Lane, Mirfield, WF14 9SG

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When looking for a job or thinking of starting in – or returning to the workplace, it’s easy to imagine that having more money in our back pocket is the only benefit to being employed. However, this brand-new workshop shows us that there are many benefits to being in gainful employment.

Whether we are filled with doubts about our desirability or suitability as an employee or how we can fit work into our busy, commitment-filled lives, our friendly Facilitators, Karen and Neil will help us to recognise our own personal strengths and talents, as well as find ways to protect the time needed for the things that are important to us – without holding us back from achieving our goals.

Through open, group-based discussion, together we will break down common problems that can stop us achieving our ambitions and also consider how our unique lived experiences of physical or mental illness can be a strength used to enhance the diversity of the workplace and can provide valuable new perspectives for prospective employers.

This one-off workshop is delivered in partnership with the Recovery & Wellbeing College and the IPS Team at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

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At Mirfield Community Centre

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Term Monday10 June 20242pm - 3.30pm1 weeks


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