Joy’s Story


“I actually feel like I belong somewhere now, a feeling that I had lost through the trauma of life”

“I started going to the Recovery College in January 2018, after ill health forced me to stop working years earlier. I initially went to the Introduction to Recovery College. Straight away, I was made to feel very welcome, even though I found it a bit daunting at first, and I was very quiet – although I haven’t shut up since that initial meeting! I actually feel like I belong somewhere now, a feeling that I had lost through the trauma of life.

I have been on many courses; improving social skills, a writing course, arts and craft courses and Froglife. To be honest, I’ve enjoyed some courses better than others, but I’ve seen each course to the end because everything is a learning experience. My favourite courses have been Froglife and Mosaics. Both courses I learnt new skills and was buzzing when I learnt something new.

Recovery College has given me back a sense of worth and routine. I have met some great people and I have learnt a lot about myself through them.

Funding for Mental Health Support must be made a priority. Because of Recovery College, my moods and mental health have improved and because of this it helps to deviate worries about my physical health, which although hasn’t improved, I can (sort of) accept it better. Life is a roller coaster and with the help of everyone at the Recovery College, I just got to ride it! I can’t say thank you enough!”                                   

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