Lisa’s Story


“I have laughed, cried and learned but mostly I have looked forward, something I thought I had forgotten how to do.”

“After being off work on long term sick leave with severe anxiety I finally felt well enough to join the Recovery College. I managed to unvelcro myself from the sofa and made my way to Mirfield.

The first course I did was called ‘Let’s Sing Rock ‘n’ Pop’ something I had always loved in the past. I remember going with my head down and keeping conversation to a bare minimum. I felt so anxious I wanted to be sick. I sat on a chair nearest to the door, handbag on my knee and coat on just in case I couldn’t handle it and I needed to make a quick escape. I began to wonder why I had come. Then the course started!

An hour into singing I realized there wasn’t any room for anxiety. I had been too busy enjoying the experience. For the first time in months I actually felt like me again even if it was only for a couple of hours. After months of medical intervention I found some peace doing something I loved.

I have since joined other courses and enjoyed each one. I have met some lovely people on my journey both volunteers who run the courses and others who attend the courses, all of whom have struggles at some time with mental/physical illness. Very simply, everyone understands.

I have laughed, cried and learned but mostly I have looked forward, something I thought I had forgotten how to do.

The Recovery College is such a fantastic resource and is a safe and comfortable place to spend time and learn something new. I have always been treated with respect and understanding and made to feel welcome. I really do believe that the Recovery College has been instrumental in improving my confidence and finally getting me back to work. Yes I still have down days but now I can finally see the light.”

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