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April 9, 2021

Welcome to the weekly update. Here you can find out what is on offer from our College and other community organisations as well as some other useful information and offers of support.


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Mental Wellbeing & Creative Arts

The creative arts are often overlooked at having a higher than average incidence of poor mental wellbeing, with practitioners at a significantly higher risk of poor mental health than most other professions. This online course addresses this through looking at identity, our sense of self-worth and validation, the importance of connection and supportive networks and our sense of purpose. It also looks at burnout, anxiety and depression and suggests measures to support a healthy mental wellbeing with mindfulness as part of that.

This is a progression course to help the participants connect with, recognise and develop a dialogue with their creative inner child, develop healthier connections with self and others and nurture a greater awareness of what it means and requires to develop good mental wellbeing. This course is suitable for anyone who uses creative arts for their positive wellbeing.


Starts: Wednesday 12 May 10:30am – 12:30pm for 8 weeks

Mental Wellbeing & Creative Arts


Once place left for Yoga!

Research has shown that a regular yoga practice can help produce feelings of calm and relaxation. It can help us in managing our mental and physical health.

We are excited that the Recovery and Wellbeing College can offer a 4-week online Yoga course with experienced Yogi Carla Daly.

The session will include meditation, breathing practice and a physical movement. These can be done either sitting on the floor or a chair, standing and lying on a mat. We appreciate it can be a little scary trying something new or unfamiliar. Carla will have this in mind throughout the course. You will be left leaving each session, relaxed and refreshed in mind, body and soul!

Starts: Thursday 22 April 10:15 – 11:30am for 4 weeks

Online Yoga



…is a life skill we can all learn. It involves the ability to become aware of what is happening in the present moment, rather than
being on automatic pilot, without worrying or judging. Being mindful provides us with the opportunity to respond to difficult events and situations in new ways. This 8 week online course using MS Teams, looks at the origins of mindfulness, core practices and its potential to be used to combat stress. Together, we will explore the various tools and techniques used, to gain a better understanding of mindfulness and
its purpose.

This course is open for all Calderdale and Kirklees learners (please note a change of date).

Starts: Tuesday 4 May 11am-12pm for 8 weeks

Mindfulness – 8 week course

Quiet the Mind: The Practice of Meditation

Are you always on the go; continually having somewhere to be and something to do? Do you struggle to switch off and give your brain a well-deserved break? If so, this might be the course for you. This interesting introduction to meditation will, over four consecutive weeks, teach you some of the history and facts about meditation, the reasons to meditate and how this practice can help us to live in the present moment and experience comfort and stillness. You will learn how to meditate using a variety of techniques and as a group will discuss “The Power Of Now”.

You will receive a printed workbook, accompanying reading around Meditation practice and access to the weekly MS Teams meeting.

Starts: Tuesday 4 May 1.30-3pm for 4 weeks

Quiet the Mind: The Practice of Meditation



This course will give you the opportunity to develop your drawing skills through a series of 3 creative mark-making activities. You will be able to transfer the three mark-making skills into a collection of mandala designs.

Although this is a progression course from the Exploring Recovery Through Art project it is open to all learners to enrol.



To book a place or to find out more please contact us or visit: www.calderdalekirkleesrc.nhs.uk/courses/


Course from other organisations:


Colouricity – Exploring Words and Colour

Free online workshop delivered in partnership with Kirklees Libraries and Colouricity. Within relationship between words, colour and emotional responses to them will be explored.

To book a place:

Email: kath@colouricity.co.uk


Online zoom session

Starts Wednesday 21 April 11am-12.30pm



 Dare to Dream

As we move towards coming out of lockdown this is an opportunity to review and reflect on your plans for the future. Whether you’re considering employment, changing jobs, self-employment, volunteering, study or a combination this course will give you the opportunity to develop some goals and an action plan.

 Want more information before you commit?

Email helen.kerr@kirklees.gov.uk

Otherwise enrol online here with the course code FL2021020:


Starts: Friday 30 April 10am-12pm for 5 weeks


Upcoming courses from Richmond Fellowship

Request more information and self-refer here:


Stress Management – April

Mood and Food -April

Confidence to Work – May

Volunteer Training Taster – June

Assertiveness and Communication – June

Good Footing: Step Forward

1-2-1 Wellbeing Walks now available in the Colne Valley

If you’re struggling with isolation, your mental health or just need to get moving more?

Why not sign up to Good Footing’s 6 week walking for wellbeing programme

Click here for more details:



M.E.N. Move Enjoy Network

M.E.N. (Move Enjoy Network) are now in a position to take referrals for their new men’s mental health walking groups for men in North Kirklees.  They have 6 people per group and can take referrals. Sessions will be within the Batley Bulldogs Stadium.  The first group will start Thursday 1st April around 10.30am, for men aged 30+ who want to take some steps towards improving their wellbeing. Please share this with anyone who is working with people who might benefit.


referral form M.E.N




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Stay safe, reach out and have a great Easter


The Recovery & Wellbeing College Team


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