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April 28, 2022

Welcome to  Keeping Connected and the weekly update. We have a number of new courses below – so please take a look!

Our College is designed to help you be well and stay well. We understand that life can be testing and problems don’t just disappear. That is why our courses have people with a lived experience of mental health co-facilitate and design them. We are a place of understanding and empathy. We also know we all need challenging and motivating to make changes to our lives. If you are committed to doing this then why not try our brand new course – A Plan for Living Well which gives you the tools to do just that!

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Keeping Connected April

C & K Recovery and Wellbeing College courses

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Steps to Success – face to face

Tuesday 3rd May 1-3.30pm (8 Weeks)

Back by popular demand!  This inspiring eight week course delivered by Kirklees Success Centre introduces us to different strategies we can use to help develop our self-esteem, motivation and plans for the future.  It also looks at ways that we can make changes to our lives, if we so wish, either now or in the weeks, months or years ahead.  This course will help build confidence and teach us how to set realistic goals and empower us to take control of our futures in a positive and enlightening way.

Steps to Success – face to face Kirklees

Everyday Stress – online

Monday 9th May 1-3pm (2 weeks)

Life can feel pretty relentless at times.  There are always things to do, responsibilities to oversee and people to please.  At times we can go to bed cross with ourselves for not getting enough done in the day and vowing that we’ll do so much more tomorrow.

In this informal workshop we’ll hit our own ‘pause button’ and explore our own personal stressors and their impact on us.  We will consider what helps to reduce our levels of stress and explore ways of introducing more peace into our lives.

Everyday Stress – online

Exploring Nature’s Lost Words

Tuesday 10th May 10.30am-12.30pm (3 weeks – finishing 24th May)

Join Leah & Alma at Mirfield library for three uplifting sessions exploring words, nature, stories and creativity. We will be using the book The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane & Jackie Morris as our theme, an award-winning book of stunning illustrations and haunting poems that celebrate words from nature that have disappeared from children’s lives: heron, ivy, dandelion, wren… Delivered in a fun, gentle session. We’ll be exploring nature locally, playing games and creating art. The final session will be supported by poet Emma Decent who will help us create our own short poems.

Exploring Nature’s Lost Words – face to face

Recognising Burnout – online

Tuesday 10th May 10am-12pm (1 week)

Join us in this workshop to discover what the term ‘burnout’ means.  You will explore different factors relating to burnout and the signs and symptoms that are commonly associated with it. You will begin to understand ways to avoid burning out and learn practical coping strategies to maintain a healthy work life balance.

This workshop is suitable for all but may be particularly useful for those who have experienced burnout, or who would like to know a bit more about it and how it is different from day to day stress.

A workbook will be emailed to you along with joining instructions. Let us know if you would like one sending through the post.

Recognising Burnout – online

Understanding Anxiety

Thursday 12th May 12.30-2.30pm (1 week)

This learning seminar aims to help you understand anxiety, how it affects you and how you can start to take control of it. Designed by colleagues from Kirklees Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service alongside a Recovery College volunteer with lived experience of anxiety, the workshop provides tips and techniques for coping with anxiety, challenging anxious thoughts and reducing worry. It will be facilitated by two friendly psychological wellbeing practitioners.

Understanding Anxiety – online MST

Accepting Change – online

Friday 13th May 1-3pm (2 weeks)

Change is a necessary and inevitable part of our daily lives.  How we view and respond to these changes has a direct link to our emotional resilience.  The way we deal with each change we face will be different, dependent on size, frequency and impact with lots of factors, including our health and wellbeing influencing how we approach it.

Join us on this short course as we explore change, how we respond to it, the reasons why we can resist it and what makes change easier and more positive.

A workbook will be emailed to you along with joining instructions. Let us know if you would like one sending through the post.

Accepting Change – online

Peer Mentoring for Health & Wellbeing

Monday 16th May 10am-1pm (7 weeks with a 1 week break finishing on 4th July)

Peer Mentoring usually takes place between a person that has been through a specific experience (Peer Mentor) who guides another person through a relatable situation (Peer Mentee) such as living with mental health issues or recovering from addictions.  Delivered by Kirklees Success Centre, this free face to face course is for anyone who wants to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence to support others through mentoring.  It is suitable for volunteers and others who would like to learn coaching techniques and how to support others using their own experience.

This is only available to Kirklees residents only

Peer Mentoring for Health & Wellbeing – face to face

Kayaking Taster Sessions

Thursday 19 May 10.45am-13.30pm – (1 week)

Thursday 9 June10.45am-13.30pm – (1 week)

Our partners Blackdog Outdoors are running Kayaking Taster Sessions on the Calder & Hebble Navigation Canal.

During the taster session you will be introduced to Kayaking, and you will learn some basic paddling skills from a fully qualified instructor. You will then take a leisurely paddle down the canal, with the rest of the group and the instructors. This stretch of the canal is beautiful, passing through open countryside and parts of our industrial heritage, with regular sightings of moor hens, swans, geese, and other wildlife. These sessions are a great opportunity to try something new, see some interesting sights and have some fun!

The sessions are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. All kit will be provided, and we will be wearing buoyancy aids when on the water.

Kayaking Taster Sessions – Calderdale

Grow Well-Gardening for Wellbeing

Wednesday 18th May 10am-1pm (5 weeks)

Our partners Halifax Opportunities Trust are offering a free five week Grow Well-Gardening for Wellbeing course at the Outback Garden, Halifax. Grow Well sessions will provide the opportunity to be outdoors, connect with nature, learn new gardening skills, build confidence and meet new people in a beautiful and peaceful community garden. Facilitated by Louise from Serenity Wellbeing Gardens, everyone will be made to feel welcome, comfortable and at ease. The Outback is a safe, accessible, relaxed and understanding space to enjoy spending time in.

Grow Well-Gardening for Wellbeing

The M Word: Menopause Awareness

Wednesday 25th May 11am-12.30pm

This learning seminar will help you develop your knowledge and awareness of the menopause; the symptoms, how it may affect you and, most importantly what you can do to manage it.  During this one-off online workshop, delivered by a qualified Health & Wellbeing Practitioner and in partnership with Henpicked, we will discuss the perimenopause, post menopause and everything in between to help you on your own unique journey during this stage of life.  Information will also be shared about how and where you can access support.  This session is open to people of all genders to enable better understanding of the menopause and how to support those going through it.

This course is available to learners from Calderdale and Kirklees

The M Word: Menopause Awareness -online

A plan for living well (wellness planning)

Thursday 26th May 1.30-3.30 pm (pre-group meeting – 1 week)

Thursday 9th June 1.30pm-4pm (10 weeks finishing 8th August)

Mirfield Kirklees Recovery and Wellbeing College site

Come and join us to develop your very own wellness plan. This course puts you into the driving seat of your life, where you can explore alongside others how to stay well. This course is co- facilitated by people with a lived experience of mental health whose lives have been transformed by developing their own wellness plan.

We look at several areas that include what a wellness tool is, what you need to do each day, how to recognise and what to do when you start to become unwell and how to cope in a crisis and much more. You need to be able to challenge yourself and work alongside others as well as to commit to attend all 10 sessions.

This course is potentially life changing, in demand and places are limited! So please attend the pre-group session to confirm a place and to make sure this course is right for you.

If you would like to know more than please contact the college and a facilitator will get in touch.

A plan for living well (wellness planning) in person

To book a place on a course or to find out more please contact us or visit:

Covid restrictions

If you attend a face to face course inside a building you will need to wear a face mask provided by us, have your temperature checked and where possible do a lateral flow test before attending. We always will give you a warm welcome even if you can’t see our welcoming smiles!

You can find out about the latest changes by reading the Principals letter here


Free climbing courses from our partner ROKT…

Our partners, ROKT Climbing Gym, are launching more free climbing courses for our Calderdale and Kirklees Learners. Don’t be put off if you have never been climbing before as ROKT climbing courses are suited to beginners. You will have a trained and experienced instructor with you to make sure you are safe and you’ll be part of a group.

In addition to bouldering and climbing, you will also get the chance to try yoga and mindfulness and challenge your mental agility and problem solving skills in one of the ROKT ‘Escape Rooms’.

Did you know climbing is good for your mental and physical health and it is fun as well!

Tuesday Evening 6pm-7.30pm OR Wednesday Evening 6:30pm-8pm

To register your interest please see the details on our website:

ROKT Climbing – Calderdale and Kirklees Recovery College (


Other initiatives from local organisations:

A Celebration of Wellbeing and Mental Health

Wednesday 11th May (during Mental Health Awareness Week) 10am-2.30pm at Halifax Minster 

FREE Vegetarian Lunch

Workshops and Drama Presentation

The conference is open to everyone, especially the faith communities and mental health agencies.

Key note speakers Jim McManus Director of Public Health Hertfordshire & Jonny Richardson Glenn CEO Healthy Minds Calderdale

Register for FREE at


Singing sessions at hoot creative arts…

…are all about meeting with a group of like-minded people who want to sing for fun, and for their wellbeing. hoot’s free singing groups are available in Huddersfield and Dewsbury as part of a programme of creative activities for Kirklees residents to help look after their mental health and wellbeing. Guided by a friendly and experienced singing artist; there is absolutely no need to have any singing experience, no solo singing, and no need to read music as all songs are taught by ear.

Singing in Dewsbury with hoot: Thursday afternoon from 2pm – 4pm at Oak Tree Studios, Reman House, South Street Dewsbury WF13 1JS.

 Spaces are available and you can sign up to join online via hoot’s website or by calling 01484 516224 for more information.

Digital Confidence Building for Work & Everyday Life (free)

Friday 6th May – 22nd July 9.15-11.15am  online

This course will help to build your digital knowledge and capability. Empowering yourself with the knowledge will enable you to be more efficient with daily digital expectations both at work and at home. If you want to become more empowered in your use of digital technology this is the course for you!

Course code: C3680696

book online WEA

or call 0300 303 3464

Richmond fellowship online workshops:

Open to everyone aged 18 or over who lives in Kirklees and experiences mental health issues, problems or concerns.

COPING WITH COVID – 2 week workshop starting on the 23rd June 1-3pm offers practical advice and tips on ways to maintain mental wellbeing.

For more information or to book a place please contact:

Karl Jackson-Lander: 07909 993203



Art for Wellbeing

If you are creative, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, join Kirklees College in a series of free workshops that will help with your mental health or simply develop your skills. You will be shown a variety of techniques to drawing and painting, print making, glass and textiles. These will help build your repertoire and knowledge of art through practical workshop activities and you’ll get the chance to meet like-minded creatives.

Globe Arts – Slaithwaite (10 weeks) starting 27th May

Pioneer Higher Skills Centre – Dewsbury (7 weeks) starting 29th April


Cycle for health…

… is a 12-week package of support to develop bike riding skills, confidence and fitness through cycle training and led bike rides. Cycle for Health is designed specifically for adults with poor mental or physical health. It is run as a two hour session once a week for 12 weeks. Group size is maximum 12 people and we provide bikes and helmets. Experienced cycle instructors and ride leaders accommodate health issues and participants progress at a pace that suits the group.

Cycle for Health is for people:
• With poor mental or physical health
• Not doing regular exercise
• 18 years or older
• Who can ride a bike for a short distance – even if that hasn’t been for many years

Start Date: Tuesday 10th May 1-3pm

Venue: Princess Mary Stadium, 124 Bradford Rd, Liversedge WF15 6LW


Start Date: Saturday 21st May 2-4pm

Venue: Springs Hall Athletics Track, 2 Huddersfield Road, Halifax, HX3 0AA

Contact the project team at Cycling UK for more information Tel:  01483 904562

Email to enrol:


Get Set Goal – Helping you to achieve your wellbeing goals

This is a free service delivered by health care students from the University of Huddersfield. The students are supervised by registered health care professionals. We offer a series of online appointments, of up to 45 minutes each, typically over a 4–6-week period,
focussing on improving your general health and wellbeing.

This service is for members of the public (18+ years of age) who would like support in making positive changes to their lifestyle.

We are currently offering virtual/online and telephone sessions only. There are plans to offer face-to-face sessions soon.

For more information or to book an appointment, please email
Appointments will generally be offered Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 15:00 (excluding Bank Holidays)


Join us on Facebook and Instagram:

C & K Recovery & Wellbeing College | Facebook

Stay safe and reach out


The Recovery & Wellbeing College Team


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