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October 6, 2022

Welcome to the weekly update. Please have a look at available courses below.

On Monday 10th October it is World Mental Health Day. Mental health impacts everyone, our families, workplaces and communities. World Mental Health Day is a chance to talk about mental health in general, how we need to look after it, and how important it is to talk about things and get help if you are struggling. We all struggle at times, and we all need help. Please reach out and check in with your friends and family. If you need further help for yourself or someone you care for, please click here: Useful Contacts

Did you notice we put the wrong Keeping Connected in our weekly update last week? Sorry! Here is the correct version!

Keeping Connected October

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Sandra our new administrator! She is already making a positive impact and helping us get more organised!

“I’m thrilled to join the Recovery College team and am looking forward to meeting you all. My role here is administration and I’m here to help.  I’m a local lass, but have spent much of my life abroad, living in both the Netherlands and Egypt. I still love to travel and my hobbies (aka wellness tools) include gardening, scrabble, walking and going to antique/flea markets, where I scout for miniature perfume bottles to add to my ever-growing collection!”


Don’t miss out on the following courses:



The M word: Menopause Awareness

Monday 10th October 2.00-3.30pm


This learning seminar will help you develop your knowledge and awareness of the menopause; the symptoms, how it may affect you and, most importantly what you can do to manage it.  During this one-off online workshop, delivered by a qualified Health & Wellbeing Practitioner and in partnership with Henpicked, we will discuss the perimenopause, post menopause and everything in between to help you on your own unique journey during this stage of life.  Information will also be shared about how and where you can access support.  This session is open to people of all genders to enable better understanding of the menopause and how to support those going through it.

The M Word: Menopause Awareness – Online

Overcoming Anxiety

Thursday 13th October 2.00-4.00pm


Do you want to gain an understanding of anxiety and learn how you can overcome it? Then this workshop may be for you. Delivered in partnership with Spirit in Mind, and facilitated by Nirmala from Pastoral and Spiritual Care, it will explore:

• The vicious cycle of anxiety

• How anxiety impacts on life

• How anxiety can be managed

Through this workshop we will explore anxiety with others who are experiencing the same thing, and learn techniques and tips for overcoming our own anxieties.

Overcoming anxiety – Online

Autism Awareness

Hope Street Resource Centre Halifax

18th October 1.30-3.30pm (1 week)

This one-off workshop looks at the life and experiences of someone living with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum and the fascinating insight of others looking outside in. Throughout the session we will explore the characteristics of Autism and the various ways that it may affect an individual.  We will discuss some of the myths surrounding this diagnosis and what to do if you suspect Autism in yourself of someone else.  There will be the opportunity to ask the Facilitators questions and they will provide an overview of the strategies that may help those with Autism or those supporting them.  You will also receive information on local and national support networks to access further help.

Autism Awareness – Hope Street – face to face

Knitting for wellbeing taster

Kirklees Recover & Wellbeing College hub – Mirfield

Thursday 20th October 10am-12pm

Did you know that knitting can reduce depression and anxiety, boost feelings of wellbeing and help you to cope with pain?  These are just a few of the many benefits of this wonderful activity, so come along and have some creative fun and learn the basics of knitting on this beginners workshop.

During this practical, one-off taster session delivered by our partners at Kirklees Success Centre we will learn how to cast on and off, as well as learning the basic knit and purl stitches. Join us and meet others who are also starting their knitting journey!  Yarn and knitting needles will be provided.

Knitting for Wellbeing Taster face to face Mirfield


Introduction to Mindfulness

Thursday 20th October 2-4pm online (1 week)

Mindfulness is a skill which we can all learn. It involves an ability to become aware of what is happening in the present, moment by moment, without worrying and judging, rather than being on automatic pilot. Being mindful provides us with opportunity to respond to difficult events and situations in new ways.

This introductory workshop is delivered in partnership with Spirit in Mind and facilitated Nirmala from our Pastoral and Spiritual Care team. It looks at the origins of mindfulness, core practices and its potential to be used to combat stress. Together, we will explore the various tools and techniques used to gain a better understanding of mindfulness and its purpose.

An introduction to Mindfulness – Online


You can see a full list of our upcoming courses here:

View all courses

If you are already enrolled with the College then please get in touch via email or telephone to book on your chosen course or workshop.  There is no need to enrol again.

Email: ckrecovery.wellbeing@swyt.nhs.uk

Telephone: 07717867911


If you are new to the College please enrol here


Our covid rules have been relaxed so you won’t need to wear a mask when you come to the college (unless you chose to do so).

Please remember to stay at home if you are unwell or have symptoms!

We will be able to help you remain safe if you are worried about getting infected by covid when you attend.


Cost of living courses

To help you with the cost of living we have some online courses that may help. Click the links for more info.

Money Talks – MST online 3rd November 1-3pm

Green Doctors – Energy Saving Tips- MST Online 11am-12pm 13th October

To help you with the cost of living here are some quick healthy meals you can cook on a budget from Aldi.

Mob Kitchen Recipes – ALDI UK


For further information, support and advice on how to beat the cost of living go to your local council pages here:

Money and Wellbeing in Calderdale | Calderdale Council

Cost of living | Kirklees Council


Courses on offer from Richmond fellowship

Online – Zoom Workshops

These 2 workshops that start on the 17th October, 1pm-3pm will explore all aspects of improving Assertiveness skills, maintaining them and developing better communication skills.

For more information, to see our online calendar:

Home – Kirklees Employment Service (rfkirkleesemployment.org.uk)

Join us on Facebook and Instagram here:



We hope you have a great weekend.

The Recovery & Wellbeing College Team



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